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What We Do

Mosquito supremacy provides safe pesticide applications to treat infestations of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, spiders, ants, and many other insects that transmit diseases to humans. Charlotte, North Carolina is in the top ten US cities for mosquito infestations. We strive to keep your property safe and free of insects that are harmful and disturbing to outdoor activities.

How It Works

Our treatments targets the following pests: Mosquitoes, flies, roaches, fleas, ticks, beetles, chiggers, wasps, stink bugs, scorpions, ants, and stink bugs. The products we use are safe around dogs, cats, other mammals, birds and reptiles. Our product is applied outdoors and focused on bushes and other landscaping, and disrupts the life cycles of insects keeping them out of sight and out of mind between applications.

Mosquito Diseases

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal worldwide, as they claim more human lives than any other animal. Mostly through the transmission of blood borne illnesses such as malaria, parasites, west nile virus, Lyme disease, and Zika. Keeping mosquito population down is very achievable and allows you to use your property without worry of bug bites.


We are currently offering new clients a price of $48 per treatment. Our price includes treatment for all insects listed previously. Treatments can be done every 21 days to keep your properties population at a minimum.

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